Kierikki Stone Age Centre is located on the north bank of the river Ii, about five kilometers from the center of Yli-Ii and about 50 kilometers from Oulu.

Street address: Pahkalantie 447, Oulu (Yli-Ii)

Unfortunately, Kierikki Stone Age Centre cannot be accessed by public transportation, so we recommend arriving by car.


Kierikki Stone Age centre, main building

The public parking area is located north of the main building of Kierikki Stone Age Centre, and there is a parking space for disabled visitors arriving by car in front of the main building next to the main entrance. The accessible main entrance with ramp is located in the northern corner of the building. The door is not automatic, but the information desk personnel are prepared to assist visitors. Please ring the bell on the right side of the main entrance. A bicycle rack is next to the entrance.

The interiors of the main building are accessible, with the exception of the exhibition space in the loft of the restaurant, where an exhibition on the construction of the river Ii hydropower plant is on display. There is no elevator in the building.

The information desk is located in the  main building´s arrival hall. Coat racks and lockers with locks can also be found in the arrival hall. The toilets in the main building are accessible and located in the arrival hall next to coat racks and storage facilities. The accessible toilet also has a childcare space. If needed, strollers can be borrowed from the info.

The main building auditorium has an induction loop.
Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum premises.

Stone age village

The Stone Age village is partially accessible by wheelchair.

A wide plank path leads from the main building to the Stone Age village. The route between the main building and the Stone Age village, as well as the trap path around the Stone Age village, consist mainly of two-metre-wide plank pathway and stone ash pathway.

In rainy weather or when there is frost, the plank path can be slippery. There is one small but steep hill on the route, which can be traversed by a disabled person with an assistant. If necessary, the Stone Age village can also be reached via the village’s gravel-surfaced service road.

Access to the central campfire and village´s different activity points is unobstructed. One of the dwellings in the village is wheelchair accessible at least with an assistant. If necessary, the village guides will help guests with reduced mobility visit the dwelling.

The village service building has an accessible toilet.
The service building has a wheelchair that can be borrowed.

Guide and assistance dogs as well other dogs are welcome to the museum premises and other dogs are welcome in the Stone Age village. However, dogs must be kept on a leash.