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Basic guided tour in Centre for Ancient Times or Stone Age Village, 60 min

The basic guided tour of the Stone Age Village takes the participants to walk approximately a kilometer along an easy plank path. Along the way, you will get to know the prehistoric past of the Kierikki area, and in the Stone Age Village, you will visit the village dwellings and sit by the campfire.

weekdays opening hours 80 €
weekdays outside opening hours 100 €

Saturdays opening hours 135 €
Saturday evenings and Sundays 160 €

Guided tour prices incl. VAT 24%. max 25 people.

Guided tour in Stone Age Village and the trap path, duration 90 min

In addition to the basic guidance of the Stone Age Village, this guided tour introduces you to ancient trapping methods on an easy half-kilometer-long trap path near the village.

weekdays opening hours 120 €
weekdays outside opening hours 150 €

Saturdays opening hours 200 €
Saturday evenings and Sundays 240 €

Guided tour prices incl. VAT 24%. max 25 people.