Kierikkikeskus is located along the River Iijoki in the middle of Stone Age settlements. At the Kierikkikeskus, you can leap thousands of years into the northern past and learn about the study of the Stone Age.

The archaeological exhibition at the Kierikkikeskus presents the Stone Age in Finland and especially in the Kierikki region in a versatile and illustrative way. The exhibition tells a fascinating story about the earliest stages of the prehistory of Northern Ostrobothnia, starting with the Ice Age and ending at the end of the Stone Age. In the Stone Age village, you can try everyday chores from the Stone Age, such as archery and making stoneware. The trap trail with its traps speaks of the ingenuity of Stone Age people.

The main building of Kierikkikeskus, completed in 2001, represents the top expertise in Finnish log construction and is one of the largest modern log buildings in the Nordic countries.