Enjoy nature and activities in Kierikki

A Stone Age adventure awaits you! Embark on an ancient journey to Kierikki, a Stone Age settlement on the banks of the River Iijoki in Yli-Ii.

Ilmakuva kivikauden kylästä

A wide, accessible boardwalk leads from the Centre for Ancient Times to the Stone Age Village. The boardwalk runs through a forest, and lucky visitors may spot wildlife such as curious reindeer and lively sand lizards.

The Stone Age Village brings prehistory to life. You can test your survival skills and try your hand at stone grinding, ancient bow and arrow shooting, canoeing and red ochre painting. Close to the village there is a trapping trail where old trapping methods are demonstrated.

The reconstructions of Stone Age houses on the sandy beach are based on the size and shape of the actual excavations. Step inside and experience the atmosphere of ancient times.

During the summer you can meet the village’s Stone Age guides, who will tell you about Kierikki’s past life.

You can also enjoy a peaceful picnic around a campfire in the village. There are campfire sites by the houses and on the sandy beach. Firewood is always available for visitors in the village. In Kierikki, the fire never dies.

Kierikki is about 60 kilometres from the centre of Oulu. It is not accessible by bus or train, so we recommend arriving by private transport.

Address: Pahkalantie 447, Oulu (Yli-Ii)

Restored dwellings of Stone Age village. Summer day, cloudy sky.

Stone Age Village

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