Primitive bow and arrow shooting

Thousands of years ago, hunting with bow and arrow was an essential part of human life and survival.

Kaksi nahkapukuihin pukeutunutta henkilöä muinaisjousien kanssa veden äärellä.

Stone Age hunting required great skill, ingenuity and courage, but also a deep understanding of nature and animals. Learning about the behaviour, movements and habitats of prey animals helped the hunters hunt successfully. The prey was used with great care. The meat was used as food, while leather and animal bones were used to make clothing and utensils.

The most important hunting tools of the Stone Age were bows and stone-tipped arrows. The bow was made of wood and string. Making a bow required care and an understanding of the materials and how to work them.

Shooting an ancient bow was a skill that required practice and experience. Techniques such as drawing, aiming and firing the bow were essential elements for successful hunting.

This video introduces the techniques of shooting with a primitive bow.

A Stone Age hunter aims at prey with a tensioned bow. Picture from the back, face not visible. The image was produced with artificial intelligence.


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