Stone Age hunting methods and traps

Hunting provided food and other essential materials for survival.

Kaksi nahkavaatteisiin pukeutunutta henkilöä kulkee rantaheinikossa. Toisella on kädessään muinaisjousi ja toisella kuollut metso.

In the Stone Age, hunting was not only a source of food, but also of many other materials essential to everyday life. Animal skins were used as bedding and clothing. Bones were used to make tools, jewellery and musical instruments.

The trap trail around the Stone Age village shows the types of traps that have been used for a very long time. The materials and skills needed to make traps were already available to Stone Age people, but no evidence of their use has survived as all the materials used in the traps have deteriorated over the millennia.

Today, the traps shown in the video are illegal in Finland and should not be built even on your own land. The traps in Kierikki are for demonstration purposes only and are not capable of catching live animals.

Watch the video to learn more about old hunting methods and traps.

Ansa Kierikkikeskuksen ansapolulla.

Trapper’s path

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